Bali Rocks!

Natural Stone Sculpture

by Jim Needham

A month in Bali was both quite pleasant and full of surprises but I will give more details on the trip when I finish the new web site I am working on, that is if I ever finish it!

I did make new work while in Bali and thought I would share some of that with you right away. At the end of the first day of building rockstacks I set up my camera to shoot some film only to have my lens jam although it had just returned from a professional cleaning and testing! It was the only medium format lens I brought with me and it was no longer working. After arranging to ship it overnight to California I gave up and decided to relax. The problem had turned the whole affair into too much trouble and I was very discouraged and disappointed. Later I would regret this action to a small degree but, oh well, we must strive to live life with no regrets.

After some rest I returned to creating new work which I documented with my digital camera and a borrowed 35mm camera. As a result the images which follow do exist but there will be no 50 inch tall prints made as I had originally planned. That's the beginning of the story and here are the images. I hope you find them interesting. There will be much more new work from this trip to see later....

Jim Needham, July 27, 2000, Tokyo, Japan, VIEW THE ROCKSTACKS...