Selected New Works from Mended Hoop Camp
The Mended Hoop 8/23/01
©2001 Jim Needham, All Rights Reserved

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The Mended Hoop

Mended Hoop Camp was the camp I made this month near where I had worked earlier in the year. During this visit I spent the better part of a week walking the river, visiting the stones and making new sculptures while gathering my Allies. Mended Hoop refers to the image I saw each moment while in camp. It was a stick rising from, and returning to, the water. The stick was curved and when it met with it's own reflection the circle was completed. Hence the Mended Hoop. I see the image as a guide that we may each utilize in the evaluation of our lives. When the image created by our actions is a natural form, it's reflection completes the circle of creation.

One with the stone.

"The goal of your life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe,
to match your nature with Nature.
" Joseph Campbell